Man Power Staffing

Searching for the perfect job? Put Power into your job quest! Power Staffing is ready to place you in the job you want, making the money you deserve. Looking for the ideal employee? Put Power in your search! Power Staffing will match a qualified, candidate to your company’s needs, budget and atmosphere.

  • Worklia hires exactly same team member you want, only hiring hassles and payroll are ours.
  • Worklia offers very flexible and customize approach to clients by working on clients budgets and T&C,
  • Extensive selection process to find and recruit world class team members in competitive compensations.
  • Clients feedback/ reviews are highly regarded. Discipline, hard-work, effectiveness and result oriented approach are well recognized for Worklia staff members.
  • opportunities to absorb or replace consultants anytime (Term and Conditions apply).
  • Worklia believe in client’s privacy, data and intellectual property and fully authorized them to have separate agreements with Worklia consultants to avoid any conflicts or abnormal activities.